Family Eye Doctor

Optometrists Brisbane provides you and family the best possible all-round vision that is as natural as possible. Our eye centre provides you the widest variety of optometric eye care in Brisbane, with time and money saving, one-stop family eye exams, that no eye specialist, eye clinic or eye doctors offer.

Your precision eye vision is achieved at our vision centre, often providing better than 20/20 vision with clearer and sharper vision in low light.

Our eye exam often prevents vision deterioration and features Summerlin’s only glaucomacertified eye disease management. Additionally, we offer the renewal of lost vision at our Low Vision Clinic. We expertly fit all types of contact lenses, including colour contacts and astigmatism contacts lens. 


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  6. Colour Contact Lenses

Our optical department offers a wide selection of eyeglass frames, eyeglass lenses, prescription glasses, reading eyeglasses for every budget. We feature sunglasses for men and women, including designer sunglasses, Oakley sunglasses, reading sunglasses, prescription sunglasses and polarized sunglasses for all ages. Our experienced opticians use our in-house lab to expertly fit and dispense your new spectacles and eyeglasses with precision and on-schedule. Call 702 966 2020 for your absolute best value in optometry or  Ophthalmology feature eye specialists that perform eye surgery for cataracts and LASIK and eye care for eye diseases but do not check eye vision nor dispense eye glasses. I hand select your ophthalmologist if eye surgery is necessary. Optometrists prescribe your eyeglass and contact lens but typically do not perform comprehensive eye health evaluations, as only 2% of eye doctors are certified to treat glaucoma. Eye exams at my eye clinic conveniently cover both, saving you time and money with one eye doctor visit and one vision insurance co-pay.


We believe in providing each patient with compassionate and personalized service, with one-on-one individualised and timely service. We believe in giving back to the community with complementary services for children in need.